August 23, 2013

  • Just needed some Quiet time


    Wow, Its been such a long time since I have blogged on here or even had the bRAin to blog with!  My life has been going as fast as a rollercoaster lately and yes with as many ups and downs!   So today, I just knew I had to clear my head, and in order to do that, I had to go away for a while.  Reluctantly I did go into town. You know it just felt good to drive and I had Christian radio turned up, trying to soothe my soul, but I still felt anxious until I made it to the Christian bookstore.  I walked around a long time it seemed looking at cards and gifty things.  I have been my daughters secret sister this year and I needed one last gift to reveal myself before she leaves next week for her mission training.  I found the neatest gifts and the perfect card to give her, and my heart began to finially settle down. heart  Then the older lady came to ring up my order and we began talking. I ended up telling her about Leah leaving and how anxious I was, and really she didn’t have any big words of wisdom for me but her kindness and listening ear was a balm for my soul. I left the store telling her I would be back and I would let her know how things were going.   As I made it back to the van I was starting to tear up when I realized how that God had met my need thru someone who wasn’t even already a friend. The song was playing You are Holy, Holy, Holy. God is so good to me!!!!

    This is the most recent pic of the girls, Most of you know Leah my oldest, shes the one in the navy flower shirt.  Only a few days until we leave to take her to Ohio for her 3 month training for missions, then she will Leave in Dec. to go to Greece and will be there for 6 months.   Things sure are going to be different around home with her being away

    As for what else is going on, we are starting back in homeschool routine once we get back from our trip. Most schools around here have started but I just cant get myself into much until this task is done.   MY homeschool philosophy is that they are learning everyday anyway!  We do have an awesome apologia science curriculum that I’m doing with my 6 yr old and 10 yr old, which we did peek into a little bit already! I think we are going to love it! Zoology 3And my 10th grader is going to be using the same company to do a biology co-op

    BiologySo I think it will all be good!

    I had a book party earlier this week with a company called

    it was such a fun party! Even my two year old was able to get involved! I ended up with a lot of free books and a lot of halfpriced books I purchased. It really was a homeschoolers dream party!

    Books were everywhere! We played a scavenger hunt with the book titles, that’s why everyone was up looking around.



    and I will leave you with that, Please keep our family in prayer these next few days for traveling and such. AND for this mama and daddy’s emotions dropping off their firstborn to missions! I have to remind myself that this is what I prayed for many years ago winky    Have a great weekend!    ~Jill~



July 22, 2013

June 24, 2013

  • new address

    ok I’ve went to blogger and my name on there is jillkeepingitreal but I don’t how to give that to you in the proper address, I hope you can find me and follow me. I’ve alot to learn on blogger yet!

June 20, 2013

  • I don’t want to leave xanga!!! Anyone with me???

    I know I haven’t posted in forever….. but it really saddens me to think of no more xanga! I’ve already known a few to leave to go to blog spot sad and the sad thing about that is that I can’t figure out how to work blog spot! I’ve been on here so loong and gained such sweet friends that I hate to lose it! Is anyone else trying to stay on here and hope that they meet thier fundraiser?  I hope so!!!!

    Here’s a few updates shot gun style since Its been so long!

    happy I turned the big 40 in March

    happyIn April my friend and I took our daughters to visit the campus of Pensecola

    happy May, oh my in MAY!!!! My oldest daughter Leah, youngest daughter and 10 yr old daughter took a trip to Indiana to go to HOMESCHOOL prom with our old homeschool group,   Leah turned 18! Leah graduated!  Faith turned 2! WE atttended homeschool convention, we attended graduation, We mailed off Leahs committment to to go on her mission trip, we prepared for her first fundrasing event yardsale which we had on JUNE 1st

    happyNow June, Leah quit her job to be able to spend her summer partly seeing family in Indiana and more fundraisers, She and Rach (who is turning 16 in a few days are in Indiana now until July 4th when the rest of the family go up to get them, so me and the 1o year old and the little girls, have been surviving our hot summer days with movies at home, library days, swimming days, thrift shopping days, and just hanging out at the house trying to clean it up! We miss big sissys!

    So you see, I’ve been busy but I desperately need to keep on with Xanga, I need my friends and I need the release of a little creativity that blogging gives!  Love you all  ~Jill~

    I was trying to leave you a pic but xanga won’t cooperate with me! Sorry!


March 16, 2013

  • Guess where Hubby took me for my Birthday!


    Ever heard of the Melting Pot????  I’ve always wanted to go there ever since I we moved to Florida which is where I first ever heard of one. Its a fondue restuarant!

    We took our friends Jim and Shannan with us. Its been a while since either of us couples have had a nite out without our children, and a long time since we’ve been able to just catch up with each other! I can’t even tell you how good it felt to Laugh!!! We had such a fun time!


    Our Husbands enjoyed making us laugh, they just had to stop for donuts for thier sat morn breakfasts!

    A good time was had by all, and hey did you notice I got my hair highlighted??? That was my B-day gift to myself LOL!!!!     ~Jill~


March 7, 2013

  • I can’t beleive it yet but I’m turning 40 today!!!

    Believe it or not I have sat down in the last few months to blog but always end up frustrated because of having trouble getting pics put on or that this “touchy” laptop I’m using ends up erasing half of what I was writing! My old dino desk top is having troubles and needs a new hard dive, so its just hard to get in the grove of blogging!

    Life is flowing at a rapid pace as usual, every child in this house at a different stage silly and I’m responsible for paying close attention to each one! i’m enjoying the stages mostly with a little fear along side too!

    Schooling is going….well its March and we are to the countdown where it will only get more difficult to keep thier attention, we have done Abeka vidio school this year to which they have learned alot, but to which we are behind on their days! It’s great but for my 6 year old, it is just about too much time on her butt, she has way too much energy to sit still that long even with breaks! She is starting to read now and of course that is exciting!!!!!

    Baby Faith is 21 months now and a FULL time job all by herself!shocked Can you believe she must have some kind of radar that I was in the next room actually blogging at 3:37 A.M. because she just woke up hollaring mom-mEE!

    I got my hair done yesterday woot woot!laughing The gray is hidden with a caramel color that started out way too blonde! I think it scared the stylest! I SO wished I had taken a pic!!! I didn’t do anything drastic to it, just a trim up but I think it gives me lift!

    Leah my oldest daughter (and the one thats ready to fly) wanted us to do lunch early for my B-day yesterday, so we went to Mexican. Always a treat! I think my days with her are numbered until she leaves the nest…so our times our precious!

    As for today, after I go back to bed and sleep a little more, I’m planning on going to egg making at our church (we make Peanut Butter eggs for Easter) and taking all the girls. I think it will be a fun time for all, not to mention they always fix a delicious lunch for all the help!

    DH is taking me out Friday nite for my B-day along with another couple from our church, I have no idea where we are going, its his surprise for me!  

    As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been having trouble making these pics work out right, so if this bedroom pic is in a wierd place, thats why!  This is our bed that we got in January when we downsized from a king to queen.

    thats all for now, Have a great day and tell me I look younger than 40!!!!  LOL   ~Jill~

January 12, 2013

  • Happy January everyone!!! I hope you are having a good one without too much sickness! sad i can’t believe that Tuesday of next week we will be half way thru! I really don’t mind January like I used to when I lived in the North! Although it has been too unseasonably warm here for my taste, the sunshine does make one feel better.

    I am hoping to do more blogging this year, I really enjoy it, but I just got incredibly busy over last year! (can’t imagine why….only 5 girls we are raising, with one of them being 19 months old! clueless)  AND if it weren’t for them and all the living I do, I wouldn’t have anything to blog about, would I?!!

    Since it’s been so long since I’ve blogged, I’ll start back up here with Christmas…..

    We spent Christmas here at home, then a few days after, headed up to Indiana to visit Family. We surprized them! Yep, My mom-in-law didn’t as much get to run the sweeper over her perfectly clean house before we got there! LOL  We stayed thru New Years Day with a big dinner at my Sis-in-Laws new residence.

    While we were there we decided to rent a Uhaul to bring some furniture home that we had stored there. It was our full bedroom suite that we started out with when we got married! It’s antique that Dave’s Dad and Mom had given us. We decided we would downsize from our king bed that we couldn’t hardly get around in the bedroom. SCARY!!!!

    So since we’ve been back, we have taken down Christmas decor, moved in the bedroom furniture, moved out the king size mattress, cleaned out drawers and closet, tried to find my decor I had before Christmas, and moved in the tredmill that was a gift from my mom-in-law! The tredmill is not together yet! Oh yeah I forgot, we got a bigger TV and moved out the old one, and moved the TV cabinet to the dinning room to store other stuff. We’ve tried to do school this week despite fighting sickness  So you can guess I am very tired and glad that tomorrow is Saturday!!! 

    I’m just very happy that I finially set myself down again long enough to re-start my Blog!!!  Hopefully the next one will be better, and I will let you know how the tredmill is working out!

    I tried to put on a few pics but it wouldn’t let me, maybe next time.    Have a great weekend!     ~Jill~

October 8, 2012

  • My heart swelled and wanted to melt at the same time!  Yesterday we had our homecoming service at church, and while Hannah Grace’s little friend was up singing a special with her parents, Hannah stood up (no one else was standing) and raised her little hand (not so little anymore)!!!!!! Then others started standing and worshiping all over the church. I know proud is not the right word but I am so happy, so pleased, to see these fruits come from my children, so BLESSED is the word! 

    We also had the youth to lead the worship service, and there again was my two teenagers leading out in worship!  Thank YOU Lord!!!!



    Hope you have a wonderful Monday full of Worship!