June 20, 2013

  • I don’t want to leave xanga!!! Anyone with me???

    I know I haven’t posted in forever….. but it really saddens me to think of no more xanga! I’ve already known a few to leave to go to blog spot sad and the sad thing about that is that I can’t figure out how to work blog spot! I’ve been on here so loong and gained such sweet friends that I hate to lose it! Is anyone else trying to stay on here and hope that they meet thier fundraiser?  I hope so!!!!

    Here’s a few updates shot gun style since Its been so long!

    happy I turned the big 40 in March

    happyIn April my friend and I took our daughters to visit the campus of Pensecola

    happy May, oh my in MAY!!!! My oldest daughter Leah, youngest daughter and 10 yr old daughter took a trip to Indiana to go to HOMESCHOOL prom with our old homeschool group,   Leah turned 18! Leah graduated!  Faith turned 2! WE atttended homeschool convention, we attended graduation, We mailed off Leahs committment to to go on her mission trip, we prepared for her first fundrasing event yardsale which we had on JUNE 1st

    happyNow June, Leah quit her job to be able to spend her summer partly seeing family in Indiana and more fundraisers, She and Rach (who is turning 16 in a few days are in Indiana now until July 4th when the rest of the family go up to get them, so me and the 1o year old and the little girls, have been surviving our hot summer days with movies at home, library days, swimming days, thrift shopping days, and just hanging out at the house trying to clean it up! We miss big sissys!

    So you see, I’ve been busy but I desperately need to keep on with Xanga, I need my friends and I need the release of a little creativity that blogging gives!  Love you all  ~Jill~

    I was trying to leave you a pic but xanga won’t cooperate with me! Sorry!


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  • I have never heard any talk of Xanga’s problems, or it shutting down.  I have only heard a few comments from my Xanga friends.  Xanga just took my next year’s fee, so they have me for another 12 months, whether I like it or not; and, I DO like it.  For the same reasons you stated.  I don’t know how to work Blogspot and I will miss my friends here at Xanga.  So,  ”Yes” . . . Xanga has my vote!

  • Sounds like you have been busy.  As much as I like Xanga, I will not pay to blog.  I was on blogspot before and will go back on 7/15.  There is a group on FB called Xanga friends.  Lots of Xangans have gone there.  It is a closed group so nothing you write there is seen by anyone other than the group.  It started out with just a few of us and now has exploded to 50+ members.

  • @cherylyn_p - yeah!@oldfatgramma - thanks for letting me know about the facebook group!

  • I don’t want to either but they took my “life” membership . Now my premium is over and can’t load pics . And then after it all moves to WordPress we all have to pay again:( I have things dating back to 2005… So this saddens me. I opened up a blogspot

  • i wish the end would not happen

  • @oldfatgramma – What is the Facebook addy for Xanga friends?  I tried typing it in and guessed wrong each time!

  • @cherylyn_p - you need to send me your email so I can invite you…….because it is a closed group you have to be invited. 

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