Month: June 2012

  • Faith is such a busy baby girl!

    Faith is one year and one month now and getting busier everyday! She is now climbing, she has only been walking for a little over a month!!!

    My mom has told me twice that I have dark circles under my eyes, both times I had no make-up on but even still what kind of make-up will cover that?

    So I’m rented some books at the library on sleep training for baby! She’s not doing bad, just up a few times a nite, but still makes me tired, I’m older here with the fifth one! I’m mainly hoping for some good tips on making the getting to sleep part a little faster and easier.  I need some more ME time!!!  Also for my 5 year old who has always been a dificult one when it comes to bed times and has never taken good naps!

    DH and DD#1 are at the Forward Conference in Atlanta GA. right now with a group from our church. I’m praying lots of blessing and re-charging to go on there! I’m really missing them, and really hoping for some quality time with DH!!! It’s so hard to get away alone when you live away from family, so I’m hoping maybe when he comes to get us that He and I can go away for a nite while we have babysitters…. we’ll see!

    I think I might have done a bad thing these last few weeks…I’ve started drinking regular pop again instead of diet!  I had been hearing all this about how diets not good for you and causes cancer and all that, AND that it doesn’t help with weight loss anyway, soooo I am used to regular now! I know what I really should do is what DD#2 is doin and go off it totally and drink water! I’m trying to get myself ready for that….oh my what about caffiene?  Whats your opinion on diet or regular pop?

    Now about the 5 year old…I was thinking that being here around her grandparents and cousins that maybe she would get her needs for attention met and stop being so hyper to get that attention, well guess what…She has started being super clingy to me, won’t spend the nite except for one here and there without me, won’t hardly sleep without me!!!! It’s flattering in one way yes that I’m a loved mommy…but oh my, I have my needs for separation and quiet!!!


    This weekend is the big 4th of July parade in Shoals, only it won’t be on the 4th, it will be this Sat morn instead. My M I L always buys a bunch of catfish from the CATFISH Festival , and we make sides and desserts for all the family and friends that come to watch the parade. Its a good time! I’ve got my old navy shirt ready to wear, and the girls have some cute patriotic clothes too. I only hope it will cool down a bit by then!


    DD#3 there in the sunglasses leading her cousins on buliding a sand castle!

    And that is all for now, I’m going to try and read some of my library book, and talk on the phone to DH before bed.  Have a great weekend my friends!  ~Jill~




  • Hello everyone! I’ve had so many things to blog about but just too busy to do it! silly I’m “me and 4 of my girls” are still visiting in Indiana. We are having a good time now, but it really has been a roller coaster of a trip this time. surprised Everything from the girls taking turns being sick, to my Dad giving us a real scare having to go to the ER for some health issues he’s having, to other Family “stuff” that I’m not at liberty to share right now. Lets just say a big part of my summer has been very stressful , but it is getting better, Thank the LORD! laughing           What we have been enjoying is swimming, going to parks, and hanging out with my nieces. oh yes and a much look forward to trip to our favorite amusement park @ Holiday World and Splashin Safari !!!      Welcome to Holiday World and Splashin' Safari   

    We have also went thrift store shopping and yard sale-ing which are my favorite sports! LOL   DD #2 had a Birthday today, she is 15 now!

    her G-maw took us all out to celebrate at Spring mill Park


    The other girls are doing fine enjoying thier summer Holiday here with thier cousins and friends, I will post more pics later.  Tomorrow we are going to take mu sewing machine to a repair shop and see if he can get or has a part thats missing, Hopfully we will catch a thrift store, and lunch!!!   Talk to y’all later    ~Jill~