Month: August 2012

  • Another Summer Memory

    My niece Sarah's Graduation, standing with my girls Leah and Rachel

    I will be excited but sad when I see my girls wear this outfit laughingsad

  • It's Thursday!

    I've sat down to blog about three times this week and didn't get thru surprised so we will see if I do this time!  Well the weather outside in Frightful stunned no not really, thankfully we Iasac didn't come out way, but we have been getting some storms and are under a tornado watch today. Ours prayers are with those where Iasac did make landfall.

    I've been struggling with what I think is a sinus headache for the last three days, I hope it stays away today. Yesterday, thanks to my older girls for taking care of the little ones and lunch, I was able to lay down for a few hours  Oh how I appriciated that, and oh how my white feather pillow felt against my aching head!

    Interuption here.....this is why I've not got thru a blog, WHY oh WHY will it not let me put pics on??? When it does let me, it puts them in the wrong place! Is ANYONE else having this trouble???

    Ok it did let me but this is not the one I wanted to insert, I just randomly picked one! LOL And as you see it's not in the right place with the wording, Oh well, we will go on, hope you enjoy the random pics along the way!

    We are still anxiously waiting on our school to come! I really wasn't serious about starting after labor day or even Halloween....but I'm beginning to wonder! Oh well, I've enjoyed the layed back schedule a few more days anyway!

    Last night DD Rachel invited me to her room to watch a movie and eat popcorn with m&m's (an old time memory) for us, Have you ever tried it?


    A yummy treat! We started doing that when the older girls were little. We watched


    until I was ready to snore, then I went to my bed!


    Plans for the weekend....I'm thinking date nite with DH on Friday nite, Rach's friend may come over and spend the nite, Leah I think is going camping (weather permitting). Sat Dave and girls and a few friends are going to a FSU game which they have free tickets to, while my friend Shannan and her baby Micah may come over or we may all go somewhere for some mom/baby time.

    that was last year and I wish I was still that size!

    I am praying for..... first in my mind are the storm victims, DH to get rid of his cough and start feeling better, for myself to be able to concentrate, for wisdom, and for my family.

    I am sharing.....

    Hope learning to skate at the back to school bash


    And thats all for now and I'm going to do more research on why I can't get my pics inserted! These last few came copied from facebook!

    Have a great Thursday! happy ~Jill~










  • I need some help with this site navigation, I went to change my theme and I can't get my side bar info back on there, I don't know where it went or how to get it where I want it. If you can help me , please do!!! My page looks so generic right now! lol


  • A summer memory

    I'm going to start posting a few summer memories, won't you join me and post some of yours!!!


  • Thursday nite insomia!

    This was tonite before we went to the Death by Chocolot event in our hometown, I thought it would be a fun thing for the little girls to do with mom, where they could dress up a little and enjoy a buffet of chocolot! I think Hope (5ys) thought it was a great supper! LOL Hannah enjoyed it too and was lucky enough to win a door prize which was a gift card to Subway!

    Earlier in the day we went to a friends home to visit and see her new baby! Baby # 5 Julya is her name. Faith (my baby) was not too sure about me holding Julya or when her sissy Rach held her! Oh I do miss those "Little" baby days, they were sweet... but we are having too much fun with Faith at her pressent age! It just simply goes too fast!

    Tomorrow, a little reluctantly (only because I've been running too much) i'm taking the girls to a back to school skating party with a group of Homeschoolers, we are to pack our lunch to have there and learn to skate, NOT ME! I know how but with no insurance and the fact that i'm way to busy of a mom, I will not be skating! My younger girls will try. They have a carpeted area for beginners.

    It looks like we are in the projected path of Huricane Isaac, which I am not looking forward to! No electricity and a lot of rain does not sound good, let alone all the bad weather that could come! Please remember us in your prayers!  This weekend we will work on the our outside clean up efforts of cleaning off the carport, and getting our van ready to sell. Then we can make our plans and groceries list for the Huricane.

    Somethings I'm looking forward too......FALL Time!!! I love to decorate for Fall, I love to have coffee on cool mornings, and if I can beg DDLeah enough, she might make me some of delish pumpkin whoopie pies to go with my morning coffee!  I'm also looking forward to Christmas, we are seriously thinking about renting a cabin in the smokies instead of gift giving to each other. I'm just not sure if we can totally not have gifts on Christmas morning....Any ideas for me???  Also HG's (10 yr Birthday is the day after Christmas, so we have alot to celebrate!  Also we are taking suggestions on Cabin companies, so please if you've stayed in a nice one, please tell me about it!

    We haven't officially started school yet, except for the older girls have been working on thiers. The little girls stuff hasn't come in yet, so we have enjoyed swimming and visiting and those wonderful sleeping in mornings lately!  I actually have felt really relaxed because the neighborhood is quieter, no kids knocking on the door till after 3 pm, and even town is quieter with the public school already in session! I really am not ready to kiss summer goodbye yet, I do hope we have some more pool days left!

    I best be putting an end to this if I'm able to function tomorrow without too many bags under my eyes! LOL I think I might be able to sleep now, that the chocolot rush has settled down!Have a great weekend!!!   ~Jill~

    Hannah Grace visiting baby Julya today







  • Me and Hope.  I was just checking to see if I could upload pics yet! More to come later!

  • I'm home alone "briefly" while my sweet husband took the girls and the BABY to VBS tonite! I had such a rotten day yesterday and cried to Him while on our walk, that he probably felt it would benefit ALL! clueless I'm working on putting stuff away that were hot spots, right now it's the stuff in my bedroom along with cleaning out the baby's too littles and mine (unfortunately) for me but hopefully a blessing to my friend at church!  So I'm on a kitchen timer, I work about 15 min then take a 10 min break! LOL My last work session was cleaning out my closet which is kind of sort of outside...(message me if you want to know!) and I did that about 30 minutes and it was very warm, ok HOT out there, so now back in the cool on a break to blog!

    This blog was going to be with alot of pics but I can't get them to upload! Is anyone else having trouble with it????

    On my Mind.....School! shocked I think Husband and I will sit down to order most of it tonite. I'm scared as I face another year, but hopeful because we are going with aBeka video program this year for Kindergarten and for 4th grade, that it will be more possible and more work will be accomplished! My teens need help with thiers and Faith (baby) is always needing/wanting my attention!winky  How about you, what are you doing this year for school, homeschool or otherwise?

    In my have more of an abitlity to concentrate, to not be so tired, to stop sweating the small stuff,

    Whats New? bedding set, which is a beautiful white quilt! My newly painted dark blue walls in the bedroom and bathroom, new kids pool! I wish so bad I could show you pics!!!

    Oh yal speaking of small stuff, but not small to me...I have a whole shoe box full of printed pics that I can't find! Please help me pray!!!

    Whats next on my agenda???  the next thing is the school/play room, we have to get re-organized in there! I think I'm going to be donating some toys to the church nursery! We have to set up the monitor or TV in there at HG's desk for her video school.  AND the car-port oh the car-port needs cleaned off soooo bad! It;s on my last nerve and DH knows it! angry He IS trying to get a window of time to work on it. He has a busy work schedule and then some.

    pleased Yeah I got thru with putting away the bedroom stuff tonite!!! Maybe I will even read in the bath tub to celebrate! ha!ha!

    I almost forgot to say...Leah got her driver's license!!!wooo-hooo! It's been so nice and I'm so happy for her!!! I have a pic of that too...

    Ok well this is short but hopefully i will get to post again soon with pics.      ~JIll~