Month: March 2013

  • Guess where Hubby took me for my Birthday!


    Ever heard of the Melting Pot????  I've always wanted to go there ever since I we moved to Florida which is where I first ever heard of one. Its a fondue restuarant!

    We took our friends Jim and Shannan with us. Its been a while since either of us couples have had a nite out without our children, and a long time since we've been able to just catch up with each other! I can't even tell you how good it felt to Laugh!!! We had such a fun time!


    Our Husbands enjoyed making us laugh, they just had to stop for donuts for thier sat morn breakfasts!

    A good time was had by all, and hey did you notice I got my hair highlighted??? That was my B-day gift to myself LOL!!!!     ~Jill~


  • I can't beleive it yet but I'm turning 40 today!!!

    Believe it or not I have sat down in the last few months to blog but always end up frustrated because of having trouble getting pics put on or that this "touchy" laptop I'm using ends up erasing half of what I was writing! My old dino desk top is having troubles and needs a new hard dive, so its just hard to get in the grove of blogging!

    Life is flowing at a rapid pace as usual, every child in this house at a different stage silly and I'm responsible for paying close attention to each one! i'm enjoying the stages mostly with a little fear along side too!

    Schooling is going....well its March and we are to the countdown where it will only get more difficult to keep thier attention, we have done Abeka vidio school this year to which they have learned alot, but to which we are behind on their days! It's great but for my 6 year old, it is just about too much time on her butt, she has way too much energy to sit still that long even with breaks! She is starting to read now and of course that is exciting!!!!!

    Baby Faith is 21 months now and a FULL time job all by herself!shocked Can you believe she must have some kind of radar that I was in the next room actually blogging at 3:37 A.M. because she just woke up hollaring mom-mEE!

    I got my hair done yesterday woot woot!laughing The gray is hidden with a caramel color that started out way too blonde! I think it scared the stylest! I SO wished I had taken a pic!!! I didn't do anything drastic to it, just a trim up but I think it gives me lift!

    Leah my oldest daughter (and the one thats ready to fly) wanted us to do lunch early for my B-day yesterday, so we went to Mexican. Always a treat! I think my days with her are numbered until she leaves the our times our precious!

    As for today, after I go back to bed and sleep a little more, I'm planning on going to egg making at our church (we make Peanut Butter eggs for Easter) and taking all the girls. I think it will be a fun time for all, not to mention they always fix a delicious lunch for all the help!

    DH is taking me out Friday nite for my B-day along with another couple from our church, I have no idea where we are going, its his surprise for me!  

    As I mentioned earlier, I've been having trouble making these pics work out right, so if this bedroom pic is in a wierd place, thats why!  This is our bed that we got in January when we downsized from a king to queen.

    thats all for now, Have a great day and tell me I look younger than 40!!!!  LOL   ~Jill~