January 12, 2013

  • Happy January everyone!!! I hope you are having a good one without too much sickness! sad i can’t believe that Tuesday of next week we will be half way thru! I really don’t mind January like I used to when I lived in the North! Although it has been too unseasonably warm here for my taste, the sunshine does make one feel better.

    I am hoping to do more blogging this year, I really enjoy it, but I just got incredibly busy over last year! (can’t imagine why….only 5 girls we are raising, with one of them being 19 months old! clueless)  AND if it weren’t for them and all the living I do, I wouldn’t have anything to blog about, would I?!!

    Since it’s been so long since I’ve blogged, I’ll start back up here with Christmas…..

    We spent Christmas here at home, then a few days after, headed up to Indiana to visit Family. We surprized them! Yep, My mom-in-law didn’t as much get to run the sweeper over her perfectly clean house before we got there! LOL  We stayed thru New Years Day with a big dinner at my Sis-in-Laws new residence.

    While we were there we decided to rent a Uhaul to bring some furniture home that we had stored there. It was our full bedroom suite that we started out with when we got married! It’s antique that Dave’s Dad and Mom had given us. We decided we would downsize from our king bed that we couldn’t hardly get around in the bedroom. SCARY!!!!

    So since we’ve been back, we have taken down Christmas decor, moved in the bedroom furniture, moved out the king size mattress, cleaned out drawers and closet, tried to find my decor I had before Christmas, and moved in the tredmill that was a gift from my mom-in-law! The tredmill is not together yet! Oh yeah I forgot, we got a bigger TV and moved out the old one, and moved the TV cabinet to the dinning room to store other stuff. We’ve tried to do school this week despite fighting sickness  So you can guess I am very tired and glad that tomorrow is Saturday!!! 

    I’m just very happy that I finially set myself down again long enough to re-start my Blog!!!  Hopefully the next one will be better, and I will let you know how the tredmill is working out!

    I tried to put on a few pics but it wouldn’t let me, maybe next time.    Have a great weekend!     ~Jill~

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  • Good morning! Florida weather was nice when we were down there. Miami and south were beautiful. Glad you are doing OK and blogging again. It’s a good way to remember what went on what we might forget. Have a great week-end!

  • so glad your back, I’ve missed hearing from you.

    Way to go on the bedroom suite!! Ours went to Jake and now he and Lexi have it. But we have told them it goes NO FURTHER. When and if they get their own, it comes back!

  • Good to have you back!  Living in central NY, I don’t see the sun or any warm temps too often in the winter months.  It is Jan. thaw here now so I am a happy camper now.  Next month we go to NC for our grands birthdays.(both in the same week of Feb)  I forgot where you said your family lives in IN.

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