October 4, 2012

  • Secret Sister Reveal Party!


    These were our table centerpieces

    our welcome table


    our sound girl

    this was my gift to my secret sister, there’s a small package under the candy that has a bracelet in it!

    this is her! I really enjoyed being her secret sister! She’s such a sweet gal!

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    This is the younger set of secret sisters, they had thier own draw this time! Such fun! They are just little women in training!

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    And this was who was “my” S.S. !!!! She got me the nicest sweetest gifts, alot of books, and I know she prayed for me this past year!

    Another table pic with little Hope in the background.


    This was DD Leah’s secret sister! They had each other’s name! How neat!

    Unfortunately Rach’s   S.Sister must have quit coming, but hopefully that won’t happen this time. She entered the young girls draw this time.

    Photo: Ain't he prutty!!!

    Last but not Least! This was our special speaker!!!! You can just guess what the message was on, I think something about us women wearing masks….

    Hope you enjoyed the party!   ~Jill~

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