September 24, 2012

  • I’m dreaming of a White Christmas, nope, a quiet day in my house to clean and declutter!!!! silly  You know you can’t shovel snow off the walk completely while its still snowing right? Well you can’t “clean” when there are many in the house!!!  Most stores and businesses do their cleaning after hours when there’s no customers right? I just LONG to go thru my house and put things where they belong, catch up on hot spots and laundry all the while planning in my mind new things I want to do! So any Ideas on where or what the whole family could do about once a month for me to have that kind of day??? We live away from family, so visiting is out of the question.

    As for today and the last few… Mother Nature has not been kind to me lately, My hormones must be so out of whack, I fought with DH this Sat and last, this Sat being the worst, lasting into Sunday with the result of everyone going to Sunday morning church but me sad. Mind you, I have a yeast infection, I’m getting ready to start the monthly (Thanks EVE!!!) it just has felt like I cannot get caught up on rest. I have things I want to do, but can’t get to them, so then that frustrates me, and if I do get a minute, then I want to sleep! Enough of that I’m going to make  myself cry if I don’t stop, but I would appriciate your prayers! Hopefully theres some of you who may know what I’m going thru!confused

    We are feeling what Fall is to us here in North Florida! Its cooling down a bit with nice cool mornings and evenings, cotton fields are beautiful and boiled peanuts are all the rage right now! Today inspite of everything that ails me, It is absolutely a georgoes day outside! I’m inside with the screen store letting in the sounds of birds chirping and dogs barking, my children playing, and a nice breeze! Even the air is starting to smell different!pleased 

    Our day got re-directed since I didn’t feel well, we haven’t begin our classes today, only baking alphabet cookies, playing webkinz, and painting the acorns I had them collect outside is what has been going on. surprised i just didn’t have the heart to make them not enjoy the pretty day for a while. We fully intend on doing our school work here in a bit!

    Now for a few new things…. DH painted DD Rach’s room this weekend, its a very pretty blue! She’s been waiting for months! There was some kind of cardboard like covering over the old tongue n grove boards that he had to rip off the walls and the ceiling! It was no easy job, it stirred up a lot of dust and dirt, and she had to sleep on the couch for a long time till he got it all cleared out.

    For the little girls room, they were needing a mattress, a good one, and I just happened to find one on a local flea market site on facebook. It is one of those soft side water beds with the tubes inside the mattress. We had one we bought when we first got married but eventually got rid of. Our girls always wanted one.

    And…I got my kitchen Island that our friend from church made, delivered this weekend!

    It was really nice for the girls making cookies today, because I have very little counter space!

    SCHOOL is going fine, it is still taking some time to work the bugs out of this new to us school on DvD from Abeka. The girls are learning so much, but so far it is still taking alot of my attention for both of them especially kindergarten. Kindergarten doesn’t last long but 4th grade does! That has been an adjustment for us! Also 4th grade Math, we found ourselves not ready for, so we’ve had to stop, get out the flash-cards to practice, and now we are on a different day with Math than the rest of it. Spelling too has been harder, we are a few days behind on it too.  I do love the program though, it gives me confidence they are learning so much. The teachers are GREAT!  The kindergarten teacher Mrs. Bere reminds me of @Bethelou!  Hope says some of the funniest things during school time, like the other day she said “MOM, do those kids really not know their letters?” I said “some kindergartners “don’t” know their letters yet” Hope says” This is “learning” school, I want to know STUFF”! Like it was just too babyish for her and she needed to know so much more! LOL!

    I will close for now, please keep us in your prayers, we are just going thru alot of STUFF right now. Also I forgot to mention, I got  news yesterday that my Dad had another one of his memory loss spells , accompanied with high blood pressure. The dr’s don’t have any explanation for what ‘s going on.


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