September 6, 2012

  • Our 19th Anniversay!

    So yesterday was our 19th Anniversary! We wern’t planning on doing anything much “on the day of” but Dave called on his way home from work to see if I wanted to go out for dinner! So yes! I hurried and washed my hair and tried to find something pretty to wear.

    We kept it simple and went to Ruby Tuesdays and then to Walmart, then to a new place we have learned to LOVE called Milk n Honey, it serves frozen yogurt and an huge buffet of toppings!

    Thinking about diving into that Spinache Alfredo dip there! LOL

    It was also our first day of Abeka Video school, our 9th year of homeschooling!

    here’s my precious students!

    notice the teens aren’t so eager all the time!

     This is one eager, and challenging student of mine, She LOVES her teacher so far, but oh what a time I have to convince her that school lasts as long as it does and that her play is not more important! Yesterday she waited ALL day for Hannah Grace to play barbies with her, but Hannah’s Day is much longer than Hope’s, so Hope finially said in a whinny sort of voice ” I’ve been waiting all day to play barbies!”  She said that when it was bedtime!

    one student stayed in her jammies!

    I think its going to be a challenging year for the 4th grader, it seems alot harder and I can see where with the crazy year we had last year with a new born baby in the house I failed to teach her as much Math as she needed, but we will see if we can keep the pace.  Which I have to say I do battle with guilt over the last two years of child birth and and all that goes with it. Alot of things simply slide because of fitigue, and busy-ness, it just makes me feel bad still. Every one of the girls, I see where I could have done this or wanted to anyway for their education. The highschool years just really slipped up on me, and I’m still trying to get it together. I am ever learning!

    We had a nice Labor day weekend, Dave took all the girls and a few of our friends to a FSU game, while I and my friend Shannan stayed behind with the babies. I truly didn’t mind, I welcome the quiet when I can get it! Shannan’s Parents (who is also our Pastor) took us out to eat. Then we went local shopping n browsing around in a couple of stores, came back to her house and put on a movie that WE talked all the way thru until the babies were needing thier beds! LOL

    some game pics and the girls and thier friends

    It was a great Daddy and Daughters Day!  Only thing bad about the whole thing was thier red faces! It was HOT HOT HOT that day!

    Guess what Faith is trying to eat with a fork now!

    Hope has been climbing in the crip with Faith in the mornings. I think Faith loves it!

    Well my bed is calling me now, morning will come all too soon and I will be running around trying to get my students in order for the day! I have to take Faith to her 15 month appt. in the morning also. She is supposed to get shots, but I doubt we will, she has started running a fever today. She doesn;t have any symptoms of anything, so I guess its good she already has to see the Dr.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!  ~Jill~









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  • LOVE that pic of Rach and Leah together that says first day or prison!!!! That is  SO THEM! LOL

    Happy Anniversary

  • Happy Anniversary!  (just realized I have been married twice as long as you)      Thanks for sharing the pix, they are great!

  • belated happy anniversary wishes!!! i shouldn’t be reading your post at lunch time. i’m all hungry now  and craving *thanks alot :) * spinach dip. i love looking at wedding pics! yours is beautiful. i feel like a kid when i see anything from the good ole’ 90′s!!! i had puffy sleeves too. didn’t we all? :)

    the chalkboard signs are great! lol about “prison.” and i can’t believe that the baby you JUST HAD is THAT old! oh my.

    happy thursday!

  • happy anniversary!! when i read 19 years, i thought, “wow, that’s alot!!” but then realized, we’re coming on 16.. so, not that far behind. ;) ) but aren’t we all just like 25 still. ;) where does the time go?

    love the shots of the kids~ the chalkboard is a cool way to say what grade they’re in. and laughed at the girls, “prison” add on there. that’s how both my high schoolers feel too. ;) )

    have a great day there~

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